Ozvěny V4 Visegrad

Festival Ozvěny se konal 18-krát  v Ostravě a v roce 2018 jsme za podpory Visegradského fondu organizovali Ozvěny ve Wisle v Polsku, Budapešti a  Bratislavě ve spolupráci s  našimi  partnery a v letošním roce budeme pokračovat.
Festival OZVENY (ECHOs) took place already 18 times in Ostrava. Last year 2018 we organized  Ozvěny  V4 with helping of Visegrad Fund in V4 countries too- Wisla, Budapest and Bratislava and we would like to continue in it in 2020 and 2021.

Visegrad fund      

Festival OZVENY (ECHOs) took place already 18 times in Ostrava. Currently it represents 20 days a year. A main objective of the festival is to combine presentations, discussions, slideshows and documentaries from worldwide travellers combined with live music such as folk and country music, bluegrass, jazz and classic music and accompaniedwith photography exhibition, workshop on playing traditional instruments and local/traditional food tasting. Focus is on travelling, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, scuba diving, photography, music, presentations. We would like to broader our activities within V4 and enable fifty foreign musicians, travellers, amateur photographers and painters, who usually do not have the opportunities to reach a broad audience to come to Ostrava and share their music, experiences and skills.

Festival OZVENY V4 allows natural and cultural introduction of different V4 regions. It combines in very unique way traveller’s presentations (slideshows, photographs, documentary) with live music and traditional/local food tasting. Currently we do not have the opportunity to host V4 artists and learn about natural beauty of different V4 regions. Czech artists and explorers do not have the opportunity to present in V4 countries. We would like to support unique stereoscopic presentations of well-known documentarians like M. Bohac, M. Audy and E. Csaba. We want to organise Amateur Photography Competition – Wildlife and Nature of V4. Shortlisted photographs will be on display and awards announced at the festival. Another topic not the last one is to re-introduce traditional instruments and run workshops at the festival for people who would like to have a go.

In cooperation with our international partners we would like to introduce V4 presenters and artists to Czech audience and organize similar festival in V4 countries. We would like to create such partnership which will go beyond the festival. We believe that international scope of the festival will bring new insight into other cultures, traditions, natural heritage and will allow people to see some hidden natural beauty whichvery often cannot be found in tourist guide books.